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About Us

Photoworks are based in North East England and we are passionate about industrial commercial

There’s no getting away from it: image is strongly valued in present society.

Our clients understand the importance of image and are happy to invest in our services. We work closely with our clients to create images that display lasting value.

At Photoworks, we are often called upon to produce lots of different images, certainly more than your average photographers! We can travel to a broad range of locations to take striking images of plant, buildings, people or products.

We don’t limit ourselves in who we work with.

As a result we have had the pleasure of acquiring a diverse range of clients. One day we could be producing images for a pharmaceuticals company,  and the next we could be in a radio station… every day is interesting.

Photoworks are frequently requested to work on projects that will be in difficult and hazardous conditions, not to mention with a tight deadline thrown in. Nevertheless, we always function well in pressured situations and our clients trust us to deliver.

We constantly strive to stay current with the latest creative techniques.

It’s easy to do when you love photography. Our state-of-the-art studio is ready to take on a barrage of different photography projects, including portraits and product shots. The equipment that we use can even be moved to any location and we would still be able to deliver our full industrial commercial photography service. Browse the rest of our site and get to know Photoworks even better.